I had dreamed that this day would come 3 years ago in my iMac 24″ = Mac Semi-Pro post. I think we now have a true Mac Semi-Pro.

I’ve been working for the past few years on a 20″ iMac (white) paired with a 20″ monitor. Together, its 1680×1050 x 2, or 3360 x 1050. Apple just came out with a new 27″ iMac that is 2560×1440. That’s about 5% bigger than my current setup, which is amazing. It is not quite as large as a 30″ Cinema Display, but it is almost there.

Previously I was looking at purchasing a Mac Pro (quad or octo) and a 30″ Cinema Display, but it just seemed like a lot of money ($4,000+) considering how fast tech improves nowadays. Now, the 27″ iMac is starting to push into that configuration for around half the price:

Quad-Core. Previously, iMacs were only available as Dual-Core.

4 RAM Slots for up to 16GB of RAM. Previously, iMacs were limited to 8GB (and a pricey 8GB at that due to the price of 4GB chips.) My current iMac is limited to a measly 3GB. Adding 8GB as a Built-To-Order option on the new 27″ iMac seems to run only $200.

Probably the big thing you give up on the iMac is the ability to service it yourself, the ability to add drives internally, and the option of a matte screen on the 30″ Cinema Display. But I think come November, I’ll be getting one of the new 27″ iMacs and adjusting my office lighting to maximize the massive glossy screen.