I just read a good post by Other World Computing about Not throwing out your PPC Macs, even though Snow Leopard is rumored to not support PowerPC anymore. I completely agree. Here is how I have repurposed the PowerPC Macs that I don’t use as my primary computers:

17″ PowerBook G4 1.33 Ghz – my wife uses it now, mainly for checking her email and surfing the web. Works great for that and it is still running Tiger.

Mac Mini 1.25 Ghz – I’m using it as a file server and source code control server. I have good memories of this, considering the frenzy at the Tysons Corner Apple Store and unboxing photos. I’m using this one headless (that is, without a monitor.) This is running Leopard.

BTW, I currently use an Intel iMac and an Intel MacBook Pro.