I just released WebnoteHappy 1.3.3 in response to some difficulties that users have had with Delicious. For those of you who aren’t using Delicious, it is a web-based bookmark sharing service. It was formerly called del.icio.us but I think Yahoo, who operates the service, recognized that the name was a little hard to type. Was it deli.cio.us or de.liciou.s or … you get the point. In any case, we’ll be cleaning that up throughout the app and website.

As for the difficulties, WebnoteHappy will now detect service failures better and if it is running in the background doing its periodic sync then it will log the failure in Console.app and inform you via http://growl.info/ if you have that installed. Growl is nice (install it if you haven’t already) since it notifies you subtly in the background. Previously, it would show a dialog box that you would manually dismiss. So we’re trying to improve bit by bit on the user experience.

In other news, we’re working on another release of Webnote. So keep an eye out for that.