I’m reading an organizing book called How to Cheat at Organizing by Jeff Bredenberg. He gives some good advice on bookmarking (the emphasis is mine):

Bookmark the best sites.

If you’re not in the habit of bookmarking your favorite Internet sites, start doing it, says Erika Salloux, the personal and business organizer. There are way too many useful web sites – you can only keep a handful of them in your head. Categorize your bookmarks using a folder system that mirrors the categories you use for e-mails and for hard-copy files. You’ll be able to find the site you need more intuitively that way. Some Internet browsers allow you to keep notes about why you bookmarked a particular site – an extremely handy feature.

I totally agree. That’s one of the main reasons why I made WebnoteHappy and WebnoteHappy Lite: so that you can easily take notes when you make a bookmark so you remember why you created it.

As far as categorization goes, WebnoteHappy is mainly tag-focused right now. I’m exploring options on making it easier to use folders/categories in the future.