Firefox 3 is in Release Candidate 1 stage. But it shouldn’t go out yet. Yes, there are improvements but I think there’s one big regression: its AppleScript is broken.

There’s two pieces of data that’s critical for several apps to get from Firefox: the current URL and the current Title. The title portion is broken in Firefox 3. That’s a regression from Firefox 2. Except, it isn’t officially, since Firefox never officially supported AppleScript. There were just some good programmers who added it in.

So what happens when you request the title? It returns random garbage data. That’s pretty bad.

So who depends on AppleScript working for Firefox? WebnoteHappy for one. Adium is another app that needs it. There’s probably a lot of private scripts out there that require it too. Here’s two that have been mentioned around the blogosphere: Firefox 3.0 b3 (Mac) – AppleScript Problems/Bug? and Firefox 3.0bX and AppleScript – What’s gone wrong?

I want to help fix Firefox 3’s Applescript, what can I do about it?

1. Vote for the bug that covers this specific regression: Bug 427448 – AppleScript curl & ptit query worked in FF2 fails in FF3. You’ll have to register to do this, but I think every vote counts.

2. Vote for the general Add AppleScript support to Firefox bug 125419.

3. Cheer me on – I decided to dive in after asking some fellow Mozilla Mac Devs and found that noone was actively working on this specific bug. I submitted a patch on Friday and a better one today to fix this specific bug. I’ve tested locally and it fixes the bug!

Hopefully my patch will get reviewed and accepted before Firefox 3 goes out. Thanks to Josh and Gavin for helping me along in my foray into fixing this little piece of Firefox.