I just released WebnoteHappy 1.3.1.

What’s new? Improved Leopard compatibility. More keyboard shortcuts. You can turn off the deletion warning.

Here’s the full release notes:

  • Leopard fix: Empty tags field no longer shows an empty bubble
  • Leopard fix: Focus in the tags field enables menu items and toolbar buttons properly
  • New shortcut: Enter now opens the selected bookmarks
  • New shortcut: Forward delete now deletes the selected bookmarks
  • New preference: User can disable warnings before deletion of bookmarks
  • Updated RBSplitView splitter library

I admit I almost never use Forward Delete or Enter, but users asked and so I delivered. Some fun keyboard facts for those of us on Apple laptops:

  • You can do a Forward Delete by pressing Fn+Delete
  • You can do Enter by either pressing the Enter button in the lower right or by pressing Fn+Return

Get it via WebnoteHappy > Check for Updates… or download WebnoteHappy 1.3.1 directly.