WebnoteHappy’s shortcut keys sometimes don’t seem to work on Leopard. By default, these are Command-Shift-D for Add, F5 for Quick Add, and Command-Shift-Space for Search. There seems to be a simple workaround for this:

  • Choose the menu item WebnoteHappy > Preferences…
  • Click on the Shortcuts toolbar button
  • For each of the Hotkeys (the other word I use for Shortcut), press the Set… button, followed by the OK button

I did this with Jose of GreenMango.org at NSCoderNight DC a few weeks ago. It was nice to see someone trying out WebnoteHappy for the first time. Fortunately for me, he showed me this bug in person and we tried this workaround and it worked. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be easily reproducible, but at least one other user has reported this. I’ll add this to the FAQ and keep searching for the underlying cause.

However, I see that fellow Mac Indie Daniel Jalkut is having similar issues with FastScripts. Well hopefully we can work together to find a solution.