Since yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the US, I thought I’d share 10 things I’m thankful for in Leopard.

  1. If you don’t unmount a file share before you leave a network, Finder doesn’t lock up liked it used to in Tiger
  2. Safari 3 – so many things to like about it – its faster, improved tab behavior, better find. But one thing that I haven’t seen mentioned is that it will warn you if you try to close a window when you’ve entered text into a form.

    Safari 3 warning when you've entered text in a form

    I can’t tell you how many times before I started using MarsEdit (and perhaps one of the main reasons I started using it) that me or one of my friends would start typing out a blog in TypePad or Blogger and then poof – something would happen and our entry would disappear because the web location changed.

  3. Terminal has tabs now so I’m actually using it instead of iTerm. Plus you can customize the window look via themes.
  4. iChat has tabs and remembers what your open chats.
  5. Finder rename doesn’t try to rename the extension.
  6. Spotlight works really well.
  7. The Network panel in System Preferences is beautiful and easier to use.
  8. EVDO support seems improved.
  9. Quick Look is amazing – it speeds up my workflow when viewing certain Mail attachments or just figuring out if a certain document is the right one to open when there’s several with similar names.
  10. My kids love the new Photo Booth video backdrops.

So fellow Mac users, what are you thankful for in Leopard?