I’ve been secretly working on WebnoteHappy the past month after a development hiatus. I had to take a break there while Baby Cesar was young (he’s gotten really big now for an almost 6 month old) and while my indie business got off the ground. I feel very blessed to have the Ruby on Rails consulting side of Happy Apps be doing so well. Also I didn’t realize how many things you have to coordinate when you’re running a business, not to mention my struggles with peripheral but really important things like health insurance.

Now back to WebnoteHappy. I used to do completely private betas for the majority of the lifecycle and only release them to the public much later. This time around, I want to try something different and release them to the public much earlier.

These betas are still only for the early adopter types. I would recommend backing up your data first of course, which are located in ~/Library/Application Support/WebnoteHappy/. If you use .Mac, you can use the WebnoteHappy QuickPick.

The first out of the gate is WebnoteHappy 1.3.0 beta 4. Here’s what’s new:

  1. Fixed bug with del.icio.us syncing, where it would print a lot of lines in your notes that end with: “from del.icio.us”
  2. Fixed bug when importing from Firefox
  3. Added hot key and bookmarklet support for Opera 9.10
  4. Added support for Leopard

If you try this beta out, please try to exercise one or more of those bug fixes / features. You can send feedback on this beta to beta-1.3-feedback@happyapps.com.