Billable 1.1 is now out, made by my friend Mike Zornek of Clickable Bliss. For those of you not familiar with Billable, its a Mac app to keep track of your billable hours and create invoices. Its got a feature I’ve been waiting for: invoice numbers. I requested this feature and I’m glad to see it in the first update. I guess I’m just a perfectionist, but I like to have my invoice #s be uniform at Happy Apps. Yes, I do consulting when I’m not working on WebnoteHappy. It helps pay the bills. :)

Anyways, you can have invoice #s be by the client or you can have global invoice #s (which is what I use, this just means that if you won’t have duplicate invoice #s even if you have multiple clients.)

BTW Mike’s made a great screencast too if you want to see the new features in the 1.1 release.