In “Portable WebnoteHappy“, I wrote that

Plus, Mint tells me that 46% of visitors to are using Safari, 37% Firefox, and Camino only garnering 8%.

I failed to realize that 18% of my visitors are from Windows or Linux. Since IE accounts for 5% of my visitors, that leaves 13% Firefox/Windows or Linux users. So the corrected numbers should read:

(Mac OS X only) Safari 46%, Firefox 24%, Camino 8%, other browsers 4% (anyone have an OmniWeb hack for the User Agent 007 pepper?)

Making those add up to 100% of Mac users (by dividing by 82% of users who visit on a Mac), it breaks up into:
Safari 56%
Firefox 29%
Camino 10%
Others 5%

How do your Mac OS X browser numbers compare?