One side effect of having a software business where you publish your email so people can easily contact you is that you get a lot of spam. I guess everyone who has an email address gets spam, but I think you probably get more if you have it publicly visible on a web page. And don’t get me started on how many spamments (comment spams) you get if you have a blog like this one.

I tried doing it the old fashioned way, with moderating the comments and letting handle the junk mail, but it just got worse and worse. This past week was the bursting of the dam though, with tons of spam just flooding my mailbox. I would get at least 100 spam emails / spamments a day! (I’m optimistic, so it was probably more than that…)

So I did two things: (tip of the hat to Brian Cooke aka Mr rooSwitch who pointed these out to me)

1. Upgraded WordPress to 2.0.4 and activated Akismet, which is a free plug-in that automatically catches comment spam (without having to do anything except get an API key from Very easy (though I took the time to create a local mirror on my PowerBook and test it out there first).

SpamSieve icon
2. Installed SpamSieve. I had to install the plug-in, do a bit of config, and train it. But its still easy and Michael Tsai has provided good instructions to get you started. Note that training seems to be important, but that also is easy to do thanks to some keyboard shortcuts and the availability of previously filtered Junk mail which I kept around.

I’ve had both running for 24 hours now and I can’t believe how uncluttered my email has gotten. Akismet has already caught 70 spamments and SpamSieve has caught 113 spam emails!