I just released WebnoteHappy 1.1 which adds support for secure communication over SSL to del.icio.us and uses the new del.icio.us API which will be required in July. Also I’m now support private del.icio.us bookmarks via a “Save privately to del.icio.us” command. I added importing of existing bookmarks for Firefox and OmniWeb users.

WebnoteHappy also plays much more nicely with Mail.app. First, its default hot key for adding new webnotes quickly, Command-Shift-D, is only enabled in Camino, Firefox, NetNewsWire, OmniWeb, and Safari. So it won’t conflict with Mail.app’s Send mail hot key anymore. Second, you can now use Command-C to copy any webnote’s link to send it via email.

Read more in the release notes or download WebnoteHappy 1.1 now. It’s a free upgrade for existing customers and you can get your very own license for $24.95. The download includes a 30 day trial. Enjoy!

[Update: Oops – I linked to the 1.0.1 download. That’s fixed now. Thanks to FredB for pointing that out. I need to get some more sleep. :)]