One of the problems of developing a non document-oriented app (like TextEdit or VoodooPad) is that it can be hard to test. You can’t just start with fresh new documents with File | New Document. A lot of times you want to test out new features like Import into a fresh environment so you can see clearly if the Import worked or not.

I used to just go into my Application Support directory, do a File | Duplicate in Finder, then delete, then restart. Then when I was done testing, I would go back with a copy and rename. It gets to be a pain.

rooSwitch by Brian Cooke of roobaSoft solves this problem nicely. Brian released it into public beta (beta 3) today but I’ve been using it in private beta for the past few weeks and it works well. The screencast is well worth watching because it shows how to use rooSwitch and also nicely demonstrates WebnoteHappy at the same time.

With rooSwitch, I can have my regular data. Then I can create a fresh new profile of my data and then switch to it. When I start up WebnoteHappy, I have the equivalent of “New Document”. Now I can test my Import code. Then when I’m done, I switch back to my regular data. Anyways check out rooSwitch, watch the video, and send Brian some feedback.