I saw a few “Get a Mac” commercials on TV and watched the rest online. I kind of like these. Sure, they’re not perfect, but its hard to get across the whole “the Mac experience is a wonderful thing” in 30 seconds.

Still, it’s nice to see Apple advertising for the Mac again, showing an iMac at the end after so much iPod / iTunes advertising.

I personally like the Viruses one, especially where the PC guy says “I think I gotta crash” and falls over backwards. Good slapstick. Does it offend PC users? I don’t know about that. I think it is a good reminder that there IS a difference between Mac and PC and it isn’t just price. Its that you have to put up with all this stuff on a PC like running a virus scanner, scanning for spyware, etc.

I’d say Apple new ads are WAY more subtle than those Volkswagon super-intense I-just-got-my-car-destroyed-and-almost-died-but-I’m-OK-because-I-drive-a-Volkswagon crash-mercials. But they’re fundamentally saying the same thing: life is dangerous. Go with a product that will provide you with a better experience (even if it costs a little more.)