Today I opened up my full-text RSS feed of Daring Fireball. I found out that John Gruber has quit his day job at Joyent and is now living “The Life”. (A term he invented and popularized which is now nicely fitting.)

I love reading his stuff and I’m eagerly awaiting my DF t-shirt (the classic style) in the mail. Membership has its privileges. Its also nice to know that you’re supporting someone who is starting to live their dream doing what they love to do.

It is interesting that he concluded that the only way to make a full-time income is to actually do it full-time. The kind of writing that he does is very in-depth and takes a lot more time than the average blog. I imagine he actually self-edits his work too. But I think he will succeed and his gamble will pay off. The reason being that with more frequent articles will come increased traffic and more passionate Mac enthusiasts who will want to have the full-text articles in their NetNewsWire and so will buy memberships.

I hope he has saved up a good amount of money (6+ months of expenses) and has some sort of individual health care plan. I think those two things sadly are what hold a lot of people back from going full time with their dreams. I’m working on those things myself so I too can live “The Life” full time.