The WebnoteHappy Lite 1.0 release is starting to feel… official.

WebnoteHappy Lite on HyperJeff’s OS X Apps. Ease of adding: really easy, but that’s because I know Jeff personally and sent him an IM. :)

WebnoteHappy Lite on MacUpdate. Ease of adding: Pretty easy actually. Wasn’t quite sure what to put in some areas, like “Version Changes” and “Minimum Requirements”. I left “Version Changes” blank since it is a 1.0.

Design recommendation: “Minimum Requirements” is currently a text box. It would probably be better off as a dropdown with the latest OS X version being the default and containing every release of OS X. I guess this could be labled “Minimum OS X Version” and then an optional text box could have “Additional Requirements”.

I haven’t gotten around to VersionTracker because they have a security measure that has you confirm an email that they send to you. Not a bad idea to cut down on spam, but it does slow you down a bit. Also the submission forms are a little longer. I’ll submit my info tomorrow.

Hmm… I wonder if there are any third party services which will submit your app + press release to both of these sites plus other download sites and all the news sites.