Well today is the end of my vacation where I worked on “The Life” full-time. But I’ll go back to my regular schedule of doing “The Life” part-time late at night when my family (and most of the DC area) is asleep.

So the big question is: would I want to live “The Life” year-round? I’d answer now, but I’m about to pass out and dream some more dreams. I released another private beta tonight with improved drag and drop support between other apps and WebnoteHappy. Also, I’ve started taking “Pro” out of the interface, since I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with just “WebnoteHappy” for the full version. It’s shorter and makes a good combination of App / App Lite, with App being the shareware version and App Lite being the freeware veresion, which several popular Mac apps use, the chief being NetNewsWire and NetNewsWire Lite.

Oh – back to the question – in short, yes. But I’ll provide a longer answer later.