I’m presenting at the local Mac user group, the Washington Apple Pi tomorrow, actually in about 8 hours. I demoed WebnoteHappy Lite as a brief intermission during a presentation on Macworld that I gave three weeks back at the Tysons Corner Apple Store.

This time, I’m going to demo WebnoteHappy Lite as well as the beta version of WebnoteHappy. Its part of a Shareware and Freeware session where we’ll also see other Mac apps from local Mac Indies:

I know the guys behind Booxter – Matt and GollyGee Blocks – Jon. Jon and I actually go way back. He was a user of my first BBS back in the late 80s when we were teenagers. I’m looking forward to meeting Steve aka the Midnight Mage. It’s good to be friends with other Mac Indies, I think. They’ve probably hit bumps that you’ll hit later on and vice-versa. I’ve found the Mac Indie community to be really supportive.

Unfortunately, I’m not shipping yet like my fellow presenting Indies. I had hoped to be shipping by the meeting so I could take orders. But I think more important is that setting the goal of shipping by the meeting made things more urgent. So WebnoteHappy will ship a lot sooner than it would have if I wasn’t planning on presenting.

Hopefully WebnoteHappy will receive a good reception. I’m a little nervous about demoing a beta app, but I’ve seen so many people crash and burn on much larger stages (JavaOne 2004 was pretty harsh for on-stage demos) that I’m not too worried. You just pick yourself up and keep going.

I’m really interested in seeing what my fellow Pi members think. My beta testers are pretty cutting edge though they are quite discriminating. So I’ll be scanning the audience carefully to look for the “click” that people get in their eyes when something makes sense to them.