Jason Santa Maria wrote on his blog about Markmaking:

Ok, so I finally decided I want to start using a bookmarking tool. I have a wealth of bookmarks from the past 8 or so years that I’ve painstakingly kept organized and categorized in a variety of browsers (Safari being the latest). This works out great, except for when I need to find something which I can’t recall the name or URL of. In those instances I would love to have some extra info attached to bookmarks like tags or descriptions. It’s been on my mind all year, but the uncertainty of investing that information somewhere else (alongside the time involved in doing so) has kept me a bit guarded. And which tool would I use?

And I left a comment which I thought was worth reposting here:

I’ve got a bookmarking tool for Mac OS X in public beta right now: WebnoteHappy Lite. It is freeware and runs on 10.4 (Tiger).

It was born out of similar frustrations… I had all these bookmarks, but they were hard to use. The theory behind WebnoteHappy Lite is that when you care enough about a page to bookmark it, you probably want to write something down about it to help you remember. Just freeform, whatever you’re thinking, as a note or as you refer to it, a description. I’ve done a lot of testing with the interface and have tried to make it as easy as possible to write a note.

Later, when you want to remember all the things that related to something that’s on your mind, you type in the search field. It searches your notes, the URLs, and the titles. Since it is a native Cocoa app, the search is fast.

All the data is yours on your local system and its stored as XML, so you can get to it whenever you want.

Check it out and let me know what you think. I’m working on adding smart folder and tagging/del.icio.us support now to the Pro version.

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