Or more generally, Dave Taylor, Mac / UNIX / Web Guru, asks How quickly should companies respond to customer email?.

I’ve gotten quite a bit of email in the past several days and I’m currently trying to answer within 24 hours. This will probably get longer over time. However, I just got an email right before I was about to write this blog entry, so I stopped and replied. So I sent a reply to that person in under an hour. That would be ideal, but please don’t expect that.

Happy Apps is a one man operation, so that definitely puts limits on how fast I get to respond. Maybe I should try to shorten my replies, but I like to be thorough. Also there are blog entries all around the world that I try to respond to. Those are just as important as emails to me.

All that being said, I love getting emails from people who have downloaded and used WebnoteHappy Lite. So keep them coming!

I remember the first email I got after I released the public beta, it was really so wonderful that I felt like I was floating. And I’ve been on a Developer’s High since. I think I might even frame that email, kind of like when a restaurant frames the cash it got from the first customer. But first, I have to get to work on some features…