You might have noticed that this blog is hosted on So what is that? What is Happy Apps?

I’ve been thinking about writing a manifesto, but maybe this impromptu chat session with my buddy Shep will explain it better:

1:13:57 AM louielouie: so you think i should have a big manifesto or just a short little blurb explaning what Happy Apps is all about
1:14:06 AM shep: short
1:14:14 AM shep: scannable
1:14:15 AM louielouie: ok. how about just:
1:14:26 AM louielouie: Happy Apps is about…
1:14:45 AM louielouie: 1. meeting other Mac users
1:15:06 AM louielouie: 2. writing cool Mac software

1:16:28 AM louielouie: that’s all i got right now…
1:16:31 AM shep: heh
1:16:36 AM shep: I was waiting for 3
1:16:40 AM louielouie: i mean its like all about doing the opposite of the day job
1:16:51 AM shep: that’s a great tagline

1:19:59 AM louielouie: and i want apps to be simple, like 37signals simple